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Nokia N95 for sale

Old Gold

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I've had a lot of luck selling on here recently, so this is probably worth a try.

I got a Nokia N95 a couple months ago on a contract, but being the creature of habit that I am, I'm returning to using my beat up Sony Ericsson.

It's got a couple of miniscule chips in the paintwork from being in the same pocket as my housekeys and will probably need unlocked (it's on O2), but it's otherwise as new.

nokia-n95-1C.jpg (not actual phone)

1 gb memory card, movie player/mp3 player, super loud speaker, full wifi internet browser, 5 mp camera... gadgets a plenty basically. Everything i got with the phone is in the box, and the earphone part of the headphones hasn't been used.

200 ono. Pick up in Aberdeen.

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