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Good local golf courses?

Alan Cynic

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I've new French downstairs neighbours, and they've relatives visiting soon who want to play some 'good' golf courses. They foolishly asked me for advice, but I'm a golf-o-phobe, so couldn't help. Any advice to pass on to them would be welcome ('stop playing golf' is what I would like to say, but I don't think they'd be happy).

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if they're after really good ones then i'd head down to royal aberdeen as it's championship standard:

Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

but it's a tad pricey

hazleheads good and it's council run so not too expensive for a round and stonehaven's a good location. murcer is meant to be good too as is newmachar.

carnousties not too far away either if they want another championship course to play.

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I played Westhill the other day and was quite impressed; however the last 6 holes depressed me somewhat as my game turned to shit.

Hazlehead 1 is nice, as is Auchmill. Balnagask is rubbish, and Kings Links is a bit plain.

Thats all my knowledge of Aberdeen golf courses i'm afraid...

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All you golf addicts!!!

I can just see some dodgy guy outside your school gate, handing out free passes to the putting, then giving cheap deals on pitch & putt. Now you're craving the hard stuff!

The nearest I've got was playing putting at Pitstruan Place or Albury Road with my son when he was younger. Albury was favourite because of the 5th hole way up in the corner, and the chance of the ball being intercepted by a playful cat!

However I felt guilty just doing that.

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It might be a touch far, but the nine hole course at Auchenblae is alright.

Not as good as it was when you had to shoot over the quarry on 7, mind you.


lol - very true.

Not the sort of course I would take foreign guests to though !

If you were in that neighbourhood you'd be much better off at Edzell.

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