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MY MINDS WEAPON VIDEO! (and other news)

Dan G

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Hello all.

We have recently filmed our first video which can be seen here:

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

It's for the song "Lucky Like Kokura", which is a relatively old one - but it's got a few new bits thrown in, as well as decent production this time round.

The video is to coincide with our 2 week UK tour in November with Blueprint For A Downfall (from Manchester), the dates of which can be found on our myspace:

MySpace.com - MY MINDS WEAPON - NEW VIDEO!! - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Hardcore / Progressive - www.myspace.com/mymindsweapon

It would be nice to see a few old and new faces at the Drummonds gig on the 1st November.... :) This will also be our first proper gig with our new guitar player, Mark

'Lucky Like Kokura' will also be released shortly as a download-only single on i-tunes etc, more news on that to follow.

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the drum sound and just the drumming in itself is amazing. it won me over. guitar work's as good as always.

the outro, which i always loved, is now pretty brutal (NOT bRo0taall!!). yeah genuinely quite enjoyed it.

i can't say i didn't see the talcom powder on snare coming, but enjoyed it nonetheless. :)

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Thanks very much for all the kind comments. :up:

The drumstick bit is just random really, no real story involved: Nick dropped a stick during one of the takes and that is ben chucking it back to him. Obviously we had the option of cutting it from the video but thought it was pretty funny left in there.

And that's not talcom powder on the drums... it's years worth of dust and decay and other evil things that should be in metal band videos.*

*ok, it's talcom powder. But it is real pigeon shit all over the floor....

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