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patton video clips.


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a collection of mike patton video clips (just for des, our singer.....coz he loves him sooooooo much)

YouTube - Mike Patton Beer Throw patton takes a beer from a woman driving a car with a child in the back and smashes it on the ground.

patton on wolfmother and being busy

patton doing some FUCKED UP scat singing. i like pretty much everything he does but cant get near this for very long.

YouTube - Firecracker (Mike Patton) firecracker - movie feat mike patton. MAJOR SPOILER. just fucking ruined it for me.

if anyone has that movie or knows where to get it please get in touch with me. been looking for it since i was at college.

- some classic fantomas

fantomas slayer medley

YouTube - Mike Patton interview part 1 very early interview part 1

YouTube - Mike Patton interview part 2 part 2 - he's a cocky sonofabitch, but a lot of what he says is true.

YouTube - Mike Patton interview part 3 pt 3

fuck it, theres like 7 parts but you can find them in the little window on the right of the page. if you're really bothered, its there.

YouTube - Fantomas - Suspended Animation (Montreux) my favourite - fantomas, peforrming 'songs' from suspended animation. keep in mind this was performed at a jazz festival!

- patton showing off his voice in 'i started a joke' live with FNM.

(original video) - what movie is that from, anyone?

feel free to add more and also to bash mike patton, sure its going to happen.

otherwise, enjoy the videos. :up:

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