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Weird animals

The Sloth

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My own favourites are the aforementioned "aye aye"(http://www.messengermods.com/data/media/4/Aye-Aye.jpg), the goblin shark(http://www.greengoblin.com/internal/corner/shark.jpg) the oarfish (Google Image Result for http://www.bloodydecks.com/forums/attachments/baja-mexico-fishing-reports-discussion/74523d1189207871-isla-san-marcos-sea-story-09-01-07-oarfish-oarfishdockhor_03.jpg)

the vampire squid (http://www.mbari.org/twenty/images/vamp.jpg)

and the colossal squid (Google Image Result for http://www.sgisland.org/images/main/news_07_05/GiantSquid2w.jpg)

The oarfish being especially remarkable seeing as it may grow to lengths esceeding 60 or so feet. Making it a contender for sightings of the so-called "sea serpent".

The colossal squid is bulkier than your usual "giant" squid and has revolving hooks on it's suckers making it a real nasty beast.

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