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Anyone want to get a flat with me?


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Here's the script - I've been looking for a one bedroom flat for ages and can't find anything. Due to an extreme shortage of one bedroom properties in Aberdeen at the moment, the ones which are available are spectacularly overpriced. The ones I've been looking at start at about 500 p/m for a shitty bedsit in Torry. Add to that council tax and there goes a fairly large chunk of my wages.

However I've noticed that there are plenty of affordable 2 bedroom places, starting at about 600p/m, in the city centre as well. By taking on a 2 bedroom place and getting someone to move into it with me and share the rent and council tax it's a hell of a lot of money saved.

So I'm asking if there's anyone out there in the same boat as me being priced out of a one bedroom place who might be interested in getting a place together. I'd be looking to move into somewhere ASAP, I'm not really bothered about location as I drive so I'll happily live in the city centre or out in the suburbs, as far afield as Ellon (which is well cheaper).

Anybody interested? Drop me a PM or email thecocacolakid@hotmail.co.uk

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