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[CLUB] Radio Skool @ Snafu


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this is Radio Skool and in the tradition of the school, we want to give you some edutainment. Roots Manuva

Starting initially as a radio show compiled by A La Fu and hosted by De La Souls Maceo and Big Dadas Juice Aleem, Radio Skool was bootlegged onto CD and found itself in the hands of listeners worldwide and then ultimately a top five bestseller on New Yorks Turntable Lab alongside DJ Shadow, Coldcut and Blackalicious.

Radio Skool then found itself in the live club night format and was based around a live radio transmission (also broadcasted on www.radiomagnetic.com). Previous shows have already entertained guests as diverse as Roots Manuva, Marlena Shaw, DJ Vadim, Prince Paul, Uncle John & Whitelock, The Sugarhill Gang, Mike Ladd, Dr. Alimantado, Youngbloob Brass Band, Andy Votel and Lemonjellys, Fred DeakinYou can attend Radio Skool every last Friday of the month with your hosts A La Fu and Kid Pro Quo in Club Snafu.




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