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Mom The Video Broke with Special Guest DJ MONK-ONE (WAX POETICS/NYC) and Martin Jay


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Andrew Mason was bitten by a radioactive dust mite in the early '90s and transformed into DJ Monk-One, gaining superpowers and an unerring ear for the good groove. Mild-mannered Contributing Editor of Wax Poetics Magazine by day, he transforms into a crate crusader for soulful sounds by night, holding down residencies on New York City's longest-running hip-hop show, the Underground Railroad, and in nightclubs and dancehalls from Brooklyn to the UK. He has released two records of original music on ten12 records, and numerous CDs through Names You Can Trust, Fat City and other fine labels.

Our very own Martin Jay (ex Estaminet / Goodfoot), is also on hand to remind us of what good records are. Harking back to the 70s and 80s when electronic gadgets brought out a fine era of disco, italo, funk and house music. Good pop is good pop... period. That's not to say 2007 ain't represented too... cos it most certaintly is... eclectisism through a far reacing radar.

Advance tickets available at http://www.clubsnafu.com



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