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Mad mental Japanesey mooosic


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Anyone heard of Polysics?!

I saw them in August at a music festival here in Nippon and it was insane and hilarious. They're pretty damn catchy!

Check em out on myspace, youtube, etc!

Just thought I'd throw the recommendation out there. If they ever come to the UK someone should definitely try to book them for Aberdeen!


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Guest Tam o' Shantie

people keep discovering this band...it's weird because they've been going for bloody ages and through the years they've been pretty well exposed over here, i've definitely seen them on terrrestrial TV on 2 seperate occasions, they did some releases on Asian Man records a few years ago (maybe still doing them) and they were on a video I bought as well back in the day! Entertaining band but never got into them in a big way!

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I saw them at the SECC supporting the Kaiser Chiefs a couple of years ago (.........I accompanied a friend on the Northsound bus as a favour but that's a different story) and they were excellent. What a live show they put on, I think I was the only one screaming for more. I got their album after that but can't say I'm ever that inclined to put it on but if anyone booked them in Aberdeen I'd be delighted. A good fun band.

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they invented their own language. which they call "space talk"

theyre hilarious live. the chick on the synths is always just so straight, and deadpan.

and their outfits are so cool.

they sell polysics sunglasses at their merch stand for what i guess is about 100 quid! needless to say, we went for the "TOISU OR DIE!" tshirts instead.

i would love to see them again. if anyone wants to see something pretty awesome, check out the video for "I, My, Me, Mine" on youtube. It features a 12 year old girl called Strong Machine 2, who is a fantastic pop and lock dancer. Her father, Strong Machine, is a Buddhist monk and they live together at a temple where they practise dancing. On youtube there is also a briliant video of them performing together, dancing to Phantom of the Opera and Daft Punk. Worth a look. Remember, the dude's a monk - monks are fucking cool!

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