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I despair...


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So, Im on a wedding forum and have been warned because your not allowed to talk politics.

I have been warned because I guy simply said that he was glad that some members of congress opposed the Iraq war. An American guy responded to this by saying "why do you hate your country" i.e. the USA. I then explained that the guy never mentioned that he hated his country.

It is like the George Bush mentality i.e. your either for the war in Iraq or you support terrorism...em wtf! That is the most disturbing comment I have heard from George Bush. So much for a democracy and free thinking?!

Anyway, today...

I m trying to bite my lip but this is what people were saying and it makes me sick.

"okay, I know, I hate McDonald's too. I had the kids with me as I was running around, picking up prints, borrowing a buttload of studio gear (Hensel heads, etc.) to practice with, and so on. They like McDonald's.

So I stopped at McD's and went in. My son doesn't like cheese. My daughter's friend, the pickiest eater I've ever known, likes her burgers with only ketchup. We ordered thus.

There was a total of ONE person in the store who spoke ENGLISH, including the manager. I waited TEN MINUTES for the food (using the term loosely) because the kid at the burger station couldn't read the English well enough to BUILD THE FRIGGIN BURGERS. People came and went, buying the pre-cooked stuff but I'm stuck in line because the counter help had to keep going back and 'splaining to Jorge or Jesus or Chico or Arturo in the back how to make a double cheeseburger with no cheese or a double cheeseburger with only ketchup. The counter kid replaced the fries TWICE because they got cold waiting for the burgers. I need to learn Spanish I guess.

and a response...

"no, you don't need to learn spanish. they need to learn english.

going to those places makes me thankful i went to college & have skills... i teach that to my nieces too...

i hate mc'd's and they still use trans fat!!"

So there you have it. o_O:down:

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Hehe. This might bring a pisstake but i'll risk it.

This reminds me of when I was in the US of A for a couple of months. If they actually knew where Holland (THE NETHERLANDS) was, they kept coming at us with questions like "so why aren't you wearing your wooden shoes?" or another classic: "So do you live in a windmill?". And no. They were NOT joking.

I started ONE discussion about America but quickly learned my lesson. I shut up after that.

About 7 out of 10 Americans answered to the stereotypical image I (and others probably too) have.

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I may know the very forum - A friend was most put-out when she was banned for the mildest sort of political comment.

As for the either-or opinion. Same when any sort of mildly contentious subject & utter ignoramuses meet. See what happens when a drug discussion starts.

Yanks on Scottish Fora can be something else again. The latest one form elsewhere as some guy who in all seriousness wants to know how you get a licence to hunt Highland Cows, what the season dates are & the best ammo/gun to use. :D

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What i dont understand is that cuba is bad, americans cant get stuff from cuba but the government rents guantanamo bay

The US got that perpetual lease as part of a treaty with an earlier Cuban regime. The post-revolution Cuban government has consistantly maintained that the US presence is illegal as the land was granted under threat of occupation & has pressed to get the US to quit. The British also held that area previously.

They have also declined to cash the annual US rent cheques - one was cashed was in error just after the revolution & the US holds this as full ratification of the earlier treaty by modern Cuba. Castro kept them all in a desk drawer apparently.

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