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Anaal Nakrath - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here


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Picked this up the other day - only really a fan of The Codex Necro, but this is pretty good if not up to that high standard. Proper nasty Black Metal without any of that symphonic COF/Dimmu rubbish. Any other fans?

They're awesome! I like the stuff on Codex Necro. The other stuff since then was still good but just not as nasty as the stuff on codex...

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Anaal are one of the few BM bands i like. Mainly due to there Nasty sound. I hear Impaled Nazarene have a similar vibe but not checked them out as of yet.
Old Impaled Nazarene was really nasty, but the last 3 or 4 albums have been pretty "clean". I love them though, cos it's got a really really fucking punk/d-beat sound to it. For old nasty stuff check out "Ugra Karma" and for newer d-beat sounding stuff check out "Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace"
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