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Parking beside the grassmarket in Edinburgh?

Johnny Mac

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Kings Stables Road, between Lothian Road & the Grassmarket has plenty of parking, along with higher level parking in streets around the Usher Hall as well. It is mostly Saturday night/Sundays when I park down there but I think it is free after early afternoon Saturday & all-day Sunday, except in the NCP-like places.

I usually park down the Cowgate tho or up towards the Pleasance - just a few mins walk away. Again there is usually plenty of places or in the little back streets behind the city Mortuary/Uni Halls & free on a weekend.

Free parking in Dumbiedykes as well - Turn up the road across from the Hollyrood Bar. Never had a problem myself but don't leave anything in your car that might attract unfavourable attention from the schemies/neds there.

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Should add that if you book more than two working days in advance, the train fares are not that bad if you are not hauling a load of stuff. First Scotrail site has the best APEX deadlines.

Also seriously worth considering as there are weekend roadworks on the Forth Bridge till the end of this month. I was about an hour queuing on the way south last weekend & even longer on the way back on Sunday night.

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