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Andy Mulhern

[GIG]Chris T-T + Indafusion + No Pasaran + Mark McCabe @ The Tunnels

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Chris T-T Homepage

MySpace.com - Chris T-T - Brighton/London - Indie / Alternative / Folk - www.myspace.com/christtuk

New Single "This Gun Is Not A Gun" released on Monday 19th November

Making a welcome return to Aberdeen, this time with a full band in tow, is one of England's finest songwriters, Chris T-T - a man certainly not afraid to keep his opinions to himself, but its fair to say he has his "political comment down to a T-T" (The Sunday Times).

Chris T-T is direct, stinging, fearless. T-T is acclaimed for vivid, outspoken, inventive songwriting and occasional bursts of withering sarcasm. T-T songs are fiercely literate, brimful of unique perspective and underpinned by a strong sense of place. Hes an aural agitator that everyone from The Sunday Times to NME has raved about.

His carefully crafted songs about suicide bombers, war, serial killers, life, death, sellotape and sex often get members of his audience riled, and though there have been a few frightening threats, he's never yet been punched!

He's released four full-length studio albums, one live collection and a pile of singles and EPs. His most recent release, 9 Red Songs (Oct 2005), is a folk-protest mini-album. His previous two albums, The 253 (2001) and London Is Sinking (2003) form two-thirds of a trilogy about London. The final installment Capital is now recorded and ready for release through Xtra Mile Recordings.

His support CV includes Ben Folds, British Sea Power, The Divine Comedy, Elbow, Tom Robinson, Brakes, Electric Soft Parade, Quasi, Emma Pollock (Delgados), Jim Bob (Carter USM), author Iain Sinclair, KT Tunstill, Madrugada, Hefner, Robyn Hitchcock, Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) and many others.

"The genius of Chris T-T's songwriting is his ability to humanise even the most outlandish conceits. They seem instead like brilliant ideas that no-one else could've come up with."

The Guardian

Capital-centric folk wonder funny, touching and smart


"A national gem of a songwrtier"

The Independant

"Fantastically intricate masterpieces... utterly indispensable... genius... a modern-day Blake."

Sunday Times, Top 5 Album of the Year 2003

"Surreal with a friendly but firm political clout ... check out this singular talent"


"The joy of Flaming Lips and the humanity of Ray Davies.

Time Out, Critics' Choice, 2003

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I saw him but a couple of months ago on my travels at The Wye Fayre festival in Kent, and he was fantastic despite the bleed from the main stage stopping him playing any softer music.

Cannot wait :love:

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Got any good suggestions?

Dylan or Springsteen would get my vote and I'm sure Mr. T-T would appreciate that too!

Canna wait for this gig, the man is fucking top quality.

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I think he is busy, but ive seen him anyways :p :P

60 days today I will be your equal.

Do you have support for this yet? I'll have Atlantic City nailed by then :D

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I am no longer going to this. I will be in London.

Everything clashes with everything on this date. :(

Thats a shame :down:

more plaudits for T-T:

"The finest (and maddest) British pop album of the year. Music so liberatingly, off-centredly, lifeaffirmingly free, it never had moorings to slip. Outstanding. Buy this record." Sunday Times (Top 5 Album of the Year 2001)

" A seductive, highly contemporary brand of 21st-century English psychedelia." The Telegraph

"T-T puts the lyrical boot in with righteous wit and scathing laser-sighted accuracy. Listen to Chris T-T, he talks sense." The Fly

"A wry smile, a white knuckle ride and builds to a blistering climax, Chris T-T mixes a damned compulsive rock cocktail." NME

"A 21st Century take on The Kinks, covering many musical bases. Yet the resulting collection remains encouragingly coherent. Chris T-T should be heartily saluted." The Big Issue

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I recall being blown away at Drakes by Chris and his band... The drummer was a monster. Up there with some of the loudest gigs we had in that small but perfectly formed room!:up:

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Some early online reviews of T-T new EP - out on Monday

Track listings:

1. This Gun Is Not A Gun

2. The Day The Earth Stood Still pt 1

3. In The Dressing Room

4. This Gun Is Not A Gun (acoustic demo)

"Both steel and strychnine in equal measure. Both a potent message and radio-friendly quality that doesn't diminish or compromise at any point. Should herald a glittering re-start for its creator's career." (8/10) - DOM GOURLEY, CONTACT MUSIC

"A songwriter who isn't frightened to stand up. Refreshing openness and honesty in today's trend-led climate. And "In The Dressing Room" is a super-catchy indie romp that employs very clever harmonies and guitar chords, giving it a very cool flavour." - AL HAY, HARDROCK HOUSE

"A fierce wit mixed with an angry passion and a message that really needs delivering. The real gem here, though, is "In The Dressing Room", a little piece of something truly moving." DANIEL RAWNSLEY

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Guest idol_wild

I'm, essentially, going for No Pasaran because they're the lovliest band in this city.

But I'm keen to see the other acts.

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Sad news:

Chris just called and will not have his band with him for this gig after all :down:

He has "lost" one important member which means that the band aint a viable option

He will now play solo, a more intimate gig and better chance of clearly hearing all his politically-charged razor-sharp lyrics :up:

tomoro night!

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