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Power supply for multiple effect pedals

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Unfortunately me Dunlop DC-Brick Multi-Power Supply has decided to die for some unknown reason, which is quite annoying to say the least.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to an alternative?

Use a daisy chain, it's what I use. It's easy and does not demand a huge amount of space on your pedal board like most power packs do. You might already have a suitable adaptor for it so you may only have to buy the actual chain.

eBay.co.uk - daisy chain, daisy chain Musical Instruments, Guitars items at low prices

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Hrm, it would appear that people aren't to interested in how they look after their pedals.

Check one of these bad boys out. It will look after your precious pedals Pedalboards, Pedal Board Cases, Effects Pedal Power Supplies and the Finest Hand-built British Guitar Amplifiers by Diago - Introduction

You can get all the different types of pedal attachments as well (for the likes of Electro Harmonix etc)

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