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The Ghost Of Fudge

MY TESTAMENT DENIED + Dollar-Sent + Age Of Reason + Downfall

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Saturday 20 October @ The Moorings

My Testament Denied are a five piece hardcore/metal band from the Aberdeen area. Formed in 2006, they regularly play shows around Aberdeen and are looking forward to playing more, anywhere and everywhere. Personally, I always enjoy the human-pyramids when theyre in the building, so heres to their third time in The Moorings: may it be as good as ever. Melodic. Brutal. Great.

Dollar-Sent formed in mid 2004 in Brighton, England. After many line up changes caused by various mental issues, girlfriends and slack arsed ex-members, we developed a strong following and went on to support Zeke and the likes of Orange Goblin. On top of this, we played a storming set at the '06 Bulldog Bash. We could start blabbing on about our musical pretensions and how we will change your life, but I'm sure you can't be arsed to read it and I can't be arsed to write it. The truth is we have no musical pretensions and we probably won't change your life, but we will make it a lot louder.

"Fuck me it's rare I go to a gig where the first band is worth the entry money alone!! Dollar-Sent were fucking A! Like The Wildhearts meet the Supersuckers! Ace choons and a fucking ace attitude, pure filthy rock 'n' roll!" - Punknews.co.uk

Age of Reason - Complete self-expression, self-produced, self-recorded, self-distributed, self-manufactured 100% organic, integrity-intact rock'n'roll.

"...Their sound is anchored by thumping drum rhythms, metaphorically heavy lyrics, swirling riffs and gravelly vocals that you'd expect from more traditional alternative acts such as Metallica. Age of Reason are an industrial hair metal act with a taste for the anthem And their ornate lyrics and bassey sound should appeal to anyone who appreciates the atmospheric and head-nodding leanings and exalted themes of progressive metal..." - Hastings Observer

Downfall is a boozed fuelled four piece metal band from Aberdeen Scotland with heavy grooving riffs. Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Rock N Roll all in one, influenced by Pantera, BLS, Down, Slayer, Motorhead, Necrophagia, Death, and Carcass.





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