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Looking for Talented Female vocalists!!!


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Hey!! all tallented female singers with a nice/powerful voice - and able to have fun with heeps of different ideas!!

the band is already full of tallented sound makers!!

dont be scared to try out the Funk, coz you wontbe let down -

hope to hear from you out ther -


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Cool!! how long you been singin for>? how old r you? the idea is chord harmoneys on vocals, have you had singing lessons - tell me a lil bit about yourself.

would you be willing to sing with other people at the same time? as a group? aswell as various parts.

thanks for the repli and interest!!

takeiteasy x

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well i dont sing professionally! I almost got goin in a band but things all fell through and im a bit of a chicken sometimes when it comes to singing.

Im 21 (22 in november) and i havent had singing lesson but im willing to take as im thinking of doing that anyway just for a bit of help.

So far Ive always looked at singing myself but perhaps something like this would be good as a start to get my vocals going and my confidence up.

Shona x

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