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man utd protest against new chelsea boss!


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protesting against grant being appointed 'manager' of chelsea! they should get out more i feel!

they've done this before an all...

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Man Utd | Man Utd against unlicensed Grant

Given that Ferguson doesn't have a UEFA Pro license and that he only qualifies as a Premier League Manager by virtue of a special dispensation, i don't think that they should be throwing stones in glass houses.

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i hate this throwing the toys out the pram shit meself, just thinking of sheff utd last season

Sheffield United did seem to take things too far last season, and i doubt there was ever any realistic chance of their relegation being over-turned, but (and this isn't a rhetorical question) isn't a deduction of points the normal punishment for playing an ineligible player?

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they werent actually protesting in so much as that they just ticked no on the sheet they were given. Just like they did when glenn roeder and southgate were appointed managers. every club in the prem gets to say whether or not they are fine with the manager remaining in place. i think if anyone had tried to make ferguson sit any sort of manager license course they should have been kicked in the balls very hard a lot. it would have been like telling alan shearer that he can't play any more football until he sits a shooting masterclass course.

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