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anyone need a drummer?


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arite, ive decided that going freelance might be a decent way of earning a bit of extra cash to help pay for rent etc. so any band who find themselves without a drummer give me a PM or message on MySpace.com - rikKI - uras, YU - Hyphy / Electro / Metal - www.myspace.com/rikkee . its possible ill be available on short notice aswell in the situation that your drummer spontaneously combusts or something.

im 22, im a good drummer and ive got loads of gig/recording experience. ill give most styles of music a bash, not really played any jazz stuff tho. currently play drums for a few bands, mainly copy haho and pvh.influences, people like zach hill(hella) brian chippendale(lightning bolt) and greg saunier(deerhoof).

ive got all my own drums and stuff, also have transport and could offer a practice space for a bit extra.

payment depends on the band and how long i have to play for so give us a shout if this is of any interest to ya.

cheers, rikki X

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