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Mouse Eat Mouse + Commander Keen + Dumb Instrument @ The Tunnels, 26th October

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interesting music promotions, Vocoustics and is this music? are extremely proud to present a very special and truly unique evening of "Scots" influenced music comprising of a Hackpen Records www.hackpenrecords.com Triple Bill!


Friday 26th October 2007

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm Entry 5






The sound of Mouse Eat Mouse is a unique mixture of Scots spoken word put to music. That's not old Scots, not new Scots, just Scots without the ish. All this roughly translates into frontman CD Shade delivering wonderfully eccentric rambles in a thick treacly accent. Backing these rants are a delicous combo of indie beats, free flowing sax and cello.

MEM's debut album Mair Licht has gained considerable critical success and heralds a new wave of Scots music following their earlier single release of Hush Nou. MEM were included in The Lists '50 Best Scottish Bands of All Time'! The band have played to sell out gigs all over Scotland and supported such greats as Henry Rollins.

Their music has been featured on Radio 1, XFM and shows across the UK. In the words of CD Shade: 'From the day we are born we are taught how not to think creatively, hoodwinked by the usurers into thinking how it should be... its time to strike back'.

"Mouse Eat Mouse eschew modern language and croon their modern day Burns over a new fangled electro pop" The List

"Scotland's underground national treasures..." Daily Record

"Utterly compelling is this and makes me want for yonder days of Prolapse and their magic Scottish vocalist...it has the rigidity and odd groovesomeness of the Fall at their most tight." Tasty Fanzine

"Something's going on that just gets inside you - certainly I found myself giving total attention to the entire work" UK Music Review

"...the most astoundingly original album I have ever heard. One CD you absolutely have to have!" Glasswerk

"I'm not even going to give this record a score..as the breathtaking width of the band's vision transcends such frivolity. Needless to say this is a landmark record in Scottish music..." Is This Music?

"CD Shade's mixture of invective, word play and remodelled Scots truisms marks him out as a very Scottish rapper." The Herald



Commander Keen are an eclectic mix of electronica, folk, ambient and experimental sounds who in April of 2007 signed to Hackpen Records for an E.P. and an album.

"This five track mini-album is, without a doubt, one of the finest things I have heard all year. Imagine Sigur Ros, John Martyn and Squarepusher recording an album together. Imagine that the result was as beautiful as Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. These five tracks are nothing less than an utterly bewitching mixture of folk and electronica (folk-tronica? Oh, whatever) that deserved to be heard by everyone. To listen to this is to be reminded why Durutti Column and Boards Of Canada deserve to be more popular., and to know that this is something that is special and deserved to be treasured. Including recent download only single 'Panic Attack' Commander Keen will hopefully be massive." 17 Seconds Blog, Album Review



Dumb Instrument are, put simply, totally unique. A mix of strong story telling enriched with piano, fiddle and bass, they are purveyors of the little known genre 'Jakey Rock'. The singer, Tom Murray, delivers his songs with a soft Scottish bur - conjuring novelistic impressions of modern West Scotland life. It's all about the lyrics - each song tinged with melancholy, like life, but are by no means downbeat - often having a comical twist.

"unique and outstanding" Tom Morton, Radio Scotland

"probably the best song about death I've ever heard" Jim Gellatly, XFM, said of Reverse the Hearse

"...a true sense of satire, satire enhanced by the quality of the performance." www.fatea-records.co.uk

"This band is fun and good, a tougher combination than you'd think." Alex Gale New Noise

"'Songs Ya Bass Vol 1' is a magnificently put together piece of contemporary, musical story telling" Toxic Pete

"alternately hilarious and genuinely poignant." The Skinny

"their lyrics were absolutely stunning, like a more playful and poetic Aidan Moffat" Last night from Glasgow Indie Eyespy


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