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AAFP connections

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upgraded my gfx card at the weekend. i had to remove about 4 out of 7 (i think) little connectors to fit it in. i think i put them back in wrong and now im not getting any sound through the rear panel connection and only if i do the "my wire is broken" wiggle it till it works do i get any sound with the front panel connection.

i'll post more details when i get home about my motherboard and go into more detail about the connections.

I checked the manual and it said there is the ground wire, port 1 L, port 1 R, presence 4, sense 1 return etc. the side of the wires says mic in, mic out, etc. so i dont know how to connect them back up properly.

can anyone offer any help? i'd just be trying combinations of the 7 wires otherwise.

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