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Dethalbum - review

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two words.


I'll post more once i've listened in detail but from a quick skim it is indeed the most brutal metal album ever. period.

heres more:

listened extensivley to the whole album. the guitars sound exactly as they 'should'. the drums are now recorded live but triggered. the vocals are very nathan explosion. he got the voice down really well.

as for the songs, they are very rich and full sounding. they stay quite true to the original recordings until it comes to the solo's where a bit of artistic licence comes into play.

track listing.

1. Murmaider -

2. Go Into The Water -

3. Awaken -

4. Bloodrocuted -

5. Go Forth And Die -

6. Fansong -

7. Better Metal Snake -

8. Lost Vikings,

9. Thunderhorse -

10. Briefcase Full Of Guts -

11. Birthday Dethday -

12. Hatredcopter -

13. Castratikron -

14. Face Fisted (A.K.A. New Phrygian Song) -

15. Dethharmonic -

16. Deththeme -

will do a little on each track once i get home.

ps, i only have disc one at the moment. the deluxe edition comes with two discs.

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