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BT home hub (help!)

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I'm thinking about buying a 500gb desktop HDD. i dont want to spend the casholas until i know if i can/cant connect to it from all the computers on my wireless home network.

i've tried here BT Home Hub Unofficial F.A.Q and a few other place.

about to try the fat 32 filing sys on my 80gb removable drive. theres a suggestion that it doesnt work well through usb but theres nothing else saying how it does work well!

anyone got any experience with this type of thing?

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it was suggested on the forums. i tried it, it works....but only if you dont connect through usb and its not over 20 gigs.

anwya, i hooked it up to my main pc and set it to shared. thanks to domino on here who suggested it. dont know why i didnt think of that!

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