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BOSS CE-2 for sale

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Boss CE-2 for sale, totally modified 100. immaculate condition for a 25 year old pedal.

This is, by far, the best analog chorus pedal I have ever played. Even though it's no longer in production there are tens of thousands of these pedals being used by pros all over the world. What I have done with this mod is improve several areas in the circuit. First, i have modified the voltage giving the pedal more headroom and improving the quality of the effect. The pedal can now be used with a standard Boss PSA power 9V adapter instead of an ACA one. We also replace the main opamp with a Burr Brown opamp. This is a very Hi-Fi Low Noise opamp and will add clarity and fullness to the effect.

i have also upgraded several key components in the circuit with higher quality components. This will add clarity, fullness and a much more focused tone to the circuit. We also modify a resistor increasing the brightness of the LED. i also fit a 3mm Clear Super Bright Blue LED. i double the rate of the chorus effect to give a super fast chorus effect while preserving the slow rate. The richness of the actual chorus effect has also been enhanced. If you are looking for an absolutely beautiful, rich, smooth and lush chorus effect this is the one for you. A great sounding analog chorus just got 10X better!

I purchase these pedals from Ebay and give it a complete overhaul the same as companies like robert keeley. Except my mods sound miles better!!

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