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Steven Milne

DHC presents HAUNTED HOUSE PARTY (errors side project) live set- 3 -10pm

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hey peeps,




plus DHC DJs till 2am

We are proud to annouce the debut DHC performance of the fantastic HAUNTED HOUSE PARTY. Based in Glasgow, this musical duo, Tom and Steev, make a hell of a racket and have played several uber cool nights in glasgow, the legendary white heat night in london and now the DHC for you!

Two guys, 1 vocal, a LOT of synths/ bleeps/ hums / beats /build ups and cool noises!


Check out the latest issue of Dazed and Confused for a feature...

oh and..

Steev from Haunted House Party (also one of Glasgow band ERRORS mainmen) was recently interviewed by the Skinny magazine and had this to say...

Skinny mag: Describe your music?

Steev: "Our music is non-threatening, non-serious good time mild-euphoria which is self-concious but not laboured. Our songs aren't really about anything in particular. I'd say an important aspect of the music we make is the build up/ creschendo section mastered by late nineties euphoria and dance artists. It is a beautiful moment in a mans life when simply turning a dial up over a period of say a minute can have other men jumping in the air and have young ladies dampening their pants in anticipation. I like to think this is what happens anyway. "

S: Definetely a big aspect is anticipation and climax. If you could prolong that feeling and bottle it you could sell it as a very nice drug?

Steev :"Live performances often involve that moment of anticipation having the piss ripped out of it, if you get what i mean. I mean we maybe go too far and then further. Then just as you handing your raffle ticket in to get your bag back from the cloakroom the beat comes back in and you have to run all the way back into the room and by then we've finished."

S :What brought you together to make music? Both as a personal incentive in the music, and as the draw towards one another as musical partners?

Steev :"We both liked keyboards and dance music and wanted to do something fun that was easy going but got people dancing. We both really enjoy playing live and going to other cities and playing music is a fucking great thing to do. Our music isnt the most intelligent of stuff, i won't ever pretend that. But i think it has a certain charm. Maybe people feel sorry for our music because it sounds a bit dated, but kind of modern also. Theres no fancy effects going on or vocal stabs and maybe that honesty appeals to people. I like the idea that its just two people with synths infront of them making noises happen that people can enjoy guilt-free, that doesnt just cause a big sausage-fest. Once when we were doing a sound check at the art school there was a pub quiz about to begin. After we left someone told us that one of the quiz teams had decided to call themselves "Two Poofs and a synthesiser". Hahaha. "

Sk : What sort of plans are you making? (Tours, albums, EP's, record labels, and so on) What are your aims?

Steev : "We have a 12" vinyl coming out on Whiteheat Records later on this year featuring Ibiza, Europoof and Gold Dust. I guess we'll just see how that goes. No plans to tour in a concentrated sense but we're slowly working our way around the Uk fragmentedly. Myspace has been a handy tool for people asking us to do shows etc. Without it we would probably just play in glasgow and london. nottingham was good fun. Its amazing how kind people can be just because you entertain them with half an hour of music. our aim is just to see how far we can take it before we decide to do something else."

Sk :One of the first terms I heard attached to the music was art-school. What do you think of that as a label? What do you think about what it implies about your music and you?

Steev :"We both went to art school, we play quite a lot of shows there and Tom DJs there every thursday night. art school doesnt really mean anything as a label. i think its just lazy labelling. why not university or nautical college? it doesnt tell you anything about the type of music. People should be more creative in the way they label bands. I guess its beginning to happen now because bands dont just generally play one type of music anymore. "

Sk :As far as prestige and recognition of those artists coming from here, Glasgow certainly seems attractive as a base of operations for new talents. How influential has Glasgow been on what you have produced, and how influential has being from Glasgow been on getting it produced?

Steev :"I dont think we sound like Glasgow. Although i made a beat once that sounded like a stone hitting off of the st enoch centre roof."

Sk :In my experience, the expectations for a Glasgow producers using a 4/4 dance structure is surprisingly rigid sometimes. What kind of reception have you received from local contemporaries?

Steev:" I dont know if the guys who hang about in record shops and are really serious about their music think we are any good. Its been a mixed reaction of people loving it and people thinking its poofy nu rave nonsense. I cant really highlight enough the fact that to tom and I this is just something fun that we enjoy doing and not really something we are taking all that seriously, although dont get me wrong we love doing it and we care about what we do, but its not going to kill us if someone thinks its too cheesey or thinks our drum sounds are rubbish. "

Sk :I find a lot of what you produce could be mentioned in the same breath as much of the International Deejay Gigolos material. How you feel about this comparison?

Steev: "i disagree. mainly because i dont really know much about that."

Sk: I like the fact that what you do is made to be played live rather than as a laptop set. How does this performance aspect, and focus on your instruments, effect the way your songs turn out?

Steev : "Every gig is different as a result. Because nothing is programmed to last a certain amount of time it means that we can decide from audience reaction what will happen in the song, how long the climax should last for, how many hand claps should go at the end of each measure or when we should finish a song. Its a nice freedom to have. When your dancing anyway you tend to forget how many times youve heard a bass line. It also means theres space for us improvising also which is always good fun. I love hearing music with mistakes in it. its fucking human nature to mess up every so often. the wrong note can often be a beautiful thing in a mans life."

Sk :There is some very self deprivation humour in some of what I've heard from you (namely 5pm). How big a part do irony and self consciousness play in what you do?

Steev :"do u mean self deprecating humour? 5pm was just a piece of fun we did when we were drunk one night. It made us cry with laughter when we played it back. It was all just done on the spot and the lyrics are funny as a result because they dont make sense but its pretty much the same as proper pop stars lyrics. "


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If you caught Big Face last week, good on you. If not, then defintely don't miss these guys - anything associated with Errors is a good sign.

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haunted house will be damn good!

the guys are wanting to go on late so just to say they will be going on at 12.45 ish and doing a 45 min set

they basically do a pretty lively dance set so hence the lateness but it should be awesome so come and enjoy!

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