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Blues-rock band

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After too long out of live band action, i want to get back into a band for regular(weekly-ish) sessions and/or gigs in/near aberdeen. I've played in a few bands over the years with a few records and CDs (not in UK for years though) - tending more (back) towards blues, with early roots.

Just discovered BB King - bit late i know.

Don't particularly want to do covers (though i can play loads of them), as they can get a bit dull and restrictive. But, won't let that get in the way of fun.

Influences are very 70s and 80s (with a bit of 90's), Foreigner, Clapton, Boston, Saga, Deep Purple, Floyd, Police, Dire Straits, ACDC, Aerosmith etc. I began with Big Bill Broonzy kind of stuff as a kid, so have quite advanced finger-picking skills. am also into slide quite a bit. I currently like a raw, fat electric straight valve sound and am not into effects (though have been when I was in symphonic rock band - fed up of that). I'd quite like to try a 3-piece (guitar (me), bass and drums), or a 4 piece, with 2 guitars (Thin Lizzy/Boston/Quo style guitar harmonies are fun if there's good chemistry). I sing too with a kind of Peter Gabriel/Lou Gram sound (apparently). I write songs too, mostly for other (Nordic) bands (ballads, blues, light rock - several of which have been recorded and released). I played in a music festival this summer in a blues/rockabilly band, where I aired one of my new ones.

So, anyway, if there's a band or some like-minded guys who need a new guitarist, or a new band in the making, give me a shout.

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