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2 tickets for sale,FRIDAY only Connect Festival 31/08

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Hi all,my first post,(i will stick a wee bit up about myself on the appropriate section in a mo) fabblergasted to find this forum on my own doorstep,after years of being a member on other music forums,anyway

Trying to sell 2 tickets for Friday at Connect,check here for Friday's line up =

Announced so far

Tickets cost a slight touch off 100,willing to let them go for a fair bit less,considering

potential buyers would need travel expenses etc.

Reason a need to sell them is that,i purchased them back in April when the line up was

announced,primarily to go and see JAMC (back then this was there only UK date),

but after seeing them at the Meltdown festival,i then bought tickets for there Brixton gig 07/09,and now i dont have the cash to finance both within the space of one week,

anyone interested mail to jimreid4@hotmail.com

many thanks......

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