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Drummer Looking To Form a Band

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Hows it going folks i'm Hobbs and i'm 24 from Aberdeen

I've been drumming and studying music at college for about 3 years and i'm at grade 7 level. i'm about to go into 4rth year to start the road to get my deploma teaching drums.

I'm looking to form an Aberdeen based Blues/Funk/rock band to eventualy start gigin. My drummin infulences include John Bonham, Mike Portony, Dennis Chambers and Len Atom and the music I mostly listen 2 is Led Zepplin, Muddy Waters, howlin Wolf, Earl Hooker, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Ian Brown, Dream Theatre, Metallica, John Butler trio, Pantera, Massive Attack....many more

If any of you are interested and want to meet for a jam just leave me a post and I will get back 2 you.


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