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Andy Mulhern

[GIG] Vocoustics: Davie Lawson + Ross Clark + Ry Walker @ The Tunnels 2

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Back to what I suppose is the "essence" (?) of Vocoustics, we are proud to present 3 excellent troubadours in the form of a Welshman living in Amsterdam, an eloquent young Glaswegian bespectacled a'la Buddy Holly and a local anti-folk upstart.....


www.myspace.com/davielawson - www.davielawson.net



"Davie Lawson easily gets away with this age-old concept because he has delivered well above-average songs containing echoes of a young Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tim Buckley."

(OOR review, June 07)

"There aren't many singer/songwriters who can shine solo without having to deliver fancy guitar work to back it up, Davie Lawson can. With his high singing voice - somewhere between Nick Drake, Neil Young and Ryan Adams - the little refrains that stay in your head."

(Hanx.net Review - 4/5)

"If you keep listening you will discover the polite beauty of Lawson's songs. Lawson's high, slightly burnished voice glides somewhere between the sound of Neil Young and Devendra Banhart and his lyrics are intelligent, melancholy and spirited. In short, a fine addition to the blossoming Amsterdam folk circuit."

(HET PAROOL Review 3.5/5)

"Fans of Nick Drake and/or Bright Eyes really need to check this out. A promising debut."

(MANIA Mag Review 4/5)

"Ross Clark plays acoustic music as if he was fronting a rock group. Eighteen, young enough for the listener to wonder quite where his fantastic lyrics come from; on stage armed with only a mop of hair, an acoustic guitar and huge NHS specs, Clark is a beguiling, captivating figure. Resembling Elvis Costello, his coruscating take on folk shows as much influence from punk as it does from the seminal American label Saddle Creek. Believing that too much acoustic music is performed in a static manner, too torpid to be truly involving, Clarks showmanship, dropping to his knees for a particularly complicated chord or running from the venue to play on the street outside during a song, brings an unexpectedly thrilling passion to his performance. He croons, shrieks and chirps his eloquent, poetic lyrics over his intricate picked or bashed guitar playing. Whilst he insists his music is a-political, just about balance between song and lyric, his bizarre imagery, which has the sheen of the very best poetry, and nave, occasionally arch wit evidences a strange, fertile muse. Young, but certainly not doomed, there is a romance about Ross Clark quite unlike any other musician in Glasgow."

(The Skinny)

"Ross Clark delivered an absolute stormer of a set, ending up in the crowd and receiving a well deserved standing ovation. Great Stuff."

(The Herald)

"Ross Clark is a likeable performer of a remarkably young age considering his talent, looking and sounding like Bright eyes trapped in Buddy Holly's body. Although most of the crowd have not yet arrived, he joins those that have on the floor for his final song - entertaining stuff."

(is this music?)

All for only 3 o_O


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