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Want On The Radio??


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New local FM station starts broadcasting in just weeks!!!!!

We want local talent for weekly show, bands, solo artistes, duos, love triangles, jokers and buskers.

Send demos, info and/or contact details to address below.

13 E Sandilands drive. Aberdeen. AB24 2PT


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Local Radio

SHMU FM,will be broadcasting over normal radio as well as the internet in little over a month.

ABERACKIT will be dedicated to local music of all standards, post to the address or check "ABERACKIT" ON MYSPACE if you dont like the subtle pleasure of stamp licking.

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I have someone working on that, but someone is obviously a bit lazy.

Im being hopeful that anyone out there will find a way to get to us,ie , mail , this siteetc.

We will "hopefully" be playing local bands/artists records as well as interviews, phone ins, live gigs.We need to take some names asap though, as Im sure there'll be work fittin everyone in...........so come on peoples, tell someone

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SHMU.FM (station house media unit)

launching the 1st of October, The frequency will be on 99.8fm

shmuFM based in Woodside Aberdeen is a community radio station which is run by volunteers from the community.

I have been presenting a show on shmu's internet stream for the last 2 and a half years

we are called the MOIN show we broadcast on Thursdays at 7pm specializing in rock, metal and punk

We are looking for local bands to send us their demos or cds for guaranteed airplay throughout aberdeen, also live accoustic sets, once we are on FM this will be a good way to let people hear your music send us an e-mail moin@shmu.org.uk

have a listen to an old show: http://www.shmu.org.uk/radio/presenters/moin.m3u

We have a growing number of shows for all tastes, check out the radio schedule for all the shows broad casted on shmufm at radio - monday schedule

you can listen to all the shows listed on the schedule on the internet stream until we launch on FM in October

If you want more information please check the website Shmu community media productions

We are also looking for people to come in and do shows, it doesnt have to be just music, you can come in and try anything you want, from talk to a phone in, or competitions. its up to you,

You don't even need experience, helpful staff will show you how to make and present a show in short a short course, all completely free

As shmuFM is a community radio we must stress that the volunteers who present the shows are from out target areas in the communities the radio station has been created for,

Cummings park






By the community for the comunity

if you are interested in getting you own show e-mail SHMU at info@shmu.org.uk or phone 487174


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just to add you need to live in one of the six target areas to do the free courses and i'm doing some of the training but dont let that put you off!

Surely drinking booze and eating kebabs doesn't require a great deal of training? :love:

So registered PRS members will benefit from the radio airplay then?

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Surely drinking booze and eating kebabs doesn't require a great deal of training? :love:

So registered PRS members will benefit from the radio airplay then?

i'm not 100% on the prs thing but it did come up at a meeting this week (not my department guv!). since SHMU have a five year full time license i would imagine it will work the same way as commercial radio stations with full time licenses.. e.g. we pay a fee to PRS and they sample our output every few months and if your lucky enough to get airplay when the station is being sampled you'll get paid accordingly. but dont hold me to that!

i happen to have a second degree in drinking booze and eating kebabs btw :)

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