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GFN? Club Night w/ Don Ramos Players + Hearts Under Fire (Gravity DIP)

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"Starting over again can be a pain. However looking at The Don Ramos Players with fresh eyes was enough to make them realise then when something does come to an end, you always have to look forward at the prospect of doing something in a different light. They have played in bands that have come and gone. They are John, Smittens and Lloyd. They are The Don Ramos Players. They draw influences from bands such as Hot Water Music, The Lawrence Arms, Small Brown Bike, The Loved Ones to name a few. They look at this band as taking things back to when being in a band was fun. To go out on tour and meet new faces, play shows in towns they've never been to before, to write new songs with open minds. This is not technical, it's just a group of friends playing straight forward songs. No messing about. If you like it, then thats good. If you don't, then you don't. They can live with that."

> The Don Ramos Players myspace

> Check out their video for Inkjets & Toners here


'HUF are a four piece from Surrey with ballsy, melodic, impassioned songs reminiscent of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio and AFI with a dash of 65 Days Of Static-style instrumentation and amazing four way vocals. Oh, and they're all female. They have a self released debut EP out 13th May which is a taste of things to come. We think they're one of the most exciting new rock bands to come out of the UK in aeons.'

- Gravity DIP

> Hearts Under Fire myspace

Support coming from:

> COLE APPLEYARD - Dundee Powerpop'n'rock

> TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR - One man and his guitar, amazing acoustic anti-folk

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