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Panda Strong

Stars Of The Lid Tour...!

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but;

"Adam is currently trying to book a european tour for end of november/december(for the first time in 6 years) in the following countries.

belgium, holland, germany, scandinavia, united kingdom, france, spain, italy, switzerland, austria.

if you live in europe and know interested promoters please contact him.


Someone get them to play Aberdeen, please?

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Fingers crossed

Hey Jim hope your fingers get the blood running again, it took a wee bit of time, but b4 its announced elsewhere put this in your diary:-

the quite wonderful

Stars of The Lid

play The Tunnels on Friday 23th May 08

& I swear I had no knowledge of this tour when I named

and their refinement of the decline as my cd of 07


ya beaut......

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oh.. it was kind of a speculative can-i-please-support-stars-of-the-lid gesture.. but i'm a bit shy and bashfull :(

This lad is excellent. :)

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