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"Lo-Fi Rules"...Review by Emma Gould (RoomThirteen)

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" Lo - Fi Rules" - Room Thirteen Review

A short review from Emma Gould of RoomThirteen...

Lo-fi rules.

Sat Aug 11 13:41:26 2007

Scottish trio Cast of the Capital are more indie than indie. The sound on this excellent three track demo is seriously lo-fi; gentle drums, strummed guitar and sweet little keyboard riffs. This is definitely the kind of band you can imagine teaming up with Scottish indie collective The Raindeer Section; they have the right kind of sound and the ability to turn out a decent tune.

The tunes may be simple but they are very effective; memorable and so sweet and poppy you want to ruffle their hair; 'Meeting Minds In Mountains' has a lovely warm feel, the relaxing and gentle melody sweeps over you like a fragrant summer breeze and 'You Used To Wear My Shirts' is brilliant, with a light keyboard melody and excellent lyrics, sad and touching and really down to earth.

RoomThirteen.com - Where Music Rocks

MySpace.com - Cast Of The Capital - Aberdeen, UK - Indie - www.myspace.com/castofthecapital

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