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Gustav Bertha & The Family Simpson terrorise your ears


One Up

Belmont Street

Thank you kindly


PS: That's today by the way... Tuesday 14th August...

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Oh.. and if you're working you can catch Gustav & The Family Simpson at The Tunnels (room 2) between 8 and 11 alongside Forge of Idols (David Farquhar) and Steve Crawford.

3 - cheaper than Amy MacDonald anyway (and perhaps more beautiful too!)

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I tried posting this earlier in the week but my i/net died: thanks very very much to everyone who came along for making it a braw night. The combination of acts should have made it interesting for anyone there.

Message to Luke though - swearing may be cool but for f*cks sake why the bl**dy hell did you need to swear every f*cking 2nd b*llocking word? ;) I despair for your poor mother... honestly though I liked the (much more accomplished than my own) guitar playing and I felt you finished your set with the best 2 songs in your rep. I'll watch out for you again...

David was excellent - he even threatened to play a Rod Stewart number - and I wished I had the accordion handy to accompany on Swimming Upstream. Placing of the guitar pickup was made all the easier through carefully positioned panda stickers which looked much nicer than my etch-a-sketch attempt.

Really liked Steve Crawford's set - couldn't decide between Gomez or John Martyn as the main influence (although I suspect the latter). Would definitely recommend listening out for him wherever he appears in Aberdeen! A true pro.

The open mic was 'loose' afterwards but I quite enjoyed a few of the folk up on the stage - including the bluesy bloke with the hat (if only the volume was about 20db quieter). Al & Shell of course I loved but then I'm biased (and deeply indebted to them travelling 300 miles for one day in Aberdeen).

I won't review Gustav as I am biased except to say he didn't disappoint.

Cheers again!



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