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that was so cringey to watch, the whole project seems incredibly illconceived.

Perhaps they are trying to make a point that popular culture is so debased that it can't possibly relate to fine art. Or perhaps they are making the point that fine art is so debased thanks to saatchi&co that it has finally achieved parity with mainstream popular culture in terms of how facile and unimportant it can be.

Or perhaps, sadly, and as is obviously the case, some sad cunt at the tate for some bizarre reason thinks it's a good idea.

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i was at the tate modern on friday (before going to see Prince at O2/Millenium Dome - how weird not ONE Londoner referred to it as the dome... hmm...) and listened to a few tracks. thought it was a good idea badly executed. the only ones enjoying the music were the 9 year olds fighting for control of the headphones. most of it was hip hop / rap. yawn.

mind you, would have been quite pleased to have heard a local band there. get on it.

ps: while we're on the subject i absolutely loved this movie of ants moving tiny bits of confetti back to their nest. i could have watched it for hours. should i get out more?

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