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Promote your Band!

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Hey Guys,

Aberdeenprint.com is doing limited promotion packages for local bands. Save loads of cash on these offers. :up:

Band Promotion 1:


You get: 5000 Band Cards, 100 CD covers, 100 b&w posters, 20 tshirts

For: 297 + vat - Delivered. Click Here to buy now


Band Promotion 2

"Rock 'n' Rollin' in it"

You get: 10000 Band Cards, 250 CD covers, 100 full colour posters, 50 tshirts

For: 468 + vat - Delivered. Click Here to buy now

We'll even design everything for you for 99 + vat.

Products in Depth:

Band Cards

Give them to everyone and anyone, these business card sized, full colour, double sided, 350gsm cards allow enough space for a photo of the band, a myspace address and more. Great for raising awareness of your band.

CD Covers

Send out demos in style, people will take your band far more seriously if they see you've made the effort to have real CD covers printed. These full colour glossy CD covers give a real professional look.

A3 Posters

Put them everywhere. Outside R'n'B, any street corner, your grans house.. you never know who may see it, its perfect for promoting an up 'n' coming gig in your area.


Promote your band, give them to roadies, sell them at gigs, give them to the first load of people that buy your Demo CD? Our tshirts allow you to print in one colour on white medium thickness material, have them in different sizes so you can even please the female fans!

Any questions please dont hesitate to call 0870 6252871

Thanks Guys



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