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Cake Magazine Out Now

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Cake Magazine On Sale Now.

CAKE is back. Now with a new A4 Bi-Monthly Dual identity. Half Comic, Half Gallery Cake aims to deliver 21 pages of Fine Art and Illustration, each month curated by a different Artist, Curator, Designer, Writer etc to keep the magazine going with a fresh orignal approach each issue. On the flipside of the Gallery is the comic. An anthology featuring Five strips, three ongoing serials and two small short term stories.

This month features work from Chad McCail, Sarah J Tingle, Katie Guthrie, Andy Cranston, David Shrigley, Martin McKenna, Robert Bremner, Malcy Duff, Mood of Collapse and Anita Stewart. And Comics By Mark Brady, Stephen Goodall, Fraser Denholm, Matt Cowan and Emma Duff.

CAKE is available in the following places around Aberdeen:

Project Slogan, Victoria Road, Torry//Kilau, Little Belmont Street//Earl of Sandwich, The Green//Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill//The Cavern, Belmont Street//Peacock Visual Arts, Castlegate//Limousine Bull, Deemouth Business Centre, Aberdeen.

Cake is also available in Glasgow at Transmission, King Street and in Edinburgh at The Embassy, East Crosscausewayside.

Enjoy! And feedback is always welcome.


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