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I have no job!!!!

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I have no job!!!! im keen to get onto the aberdeen music scene and maybe get a few gigs goin just for the satisfaction and shits and giggles!!

Im an average guitarist but see myself more of a front man. been writing a shit load o chunes but think they need something that i simply cant add!!!

I Did a few gigs at skool and a few after but gave up after a short period due to the lack of ambition from the other guys in the band.

Maybe we could become the best thing since the stones maybe we'll do a couple o gigs and kill ourselves coz were living in dream land.............theres only one way to find out!!!!

So anyone who can strum the strings beat the drums or finger the keys and may be interested in some cheap thrills and some rock n roll gimme a shout!!!!!

Peace and love


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