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Sorry, another travelling question lol

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Myself and the Mrs are going to the Phillipines early next year and are planning stopping off on the way (between the Phillipines and Dubai)..any suggestions?

At the moment I fancy Borneo and Joy likes the idea of China. Whatcha think? I like the China idea too but just open to suggestions.

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Hmm, let's have a think...

If you're considering Borneo, you wouldn't go amiss by trying Brunei too - though it may be too similar to Dubai to make it worth visiting.

I'm going to throw a name out there and say Cambodia - for no other reason than the travel blogs that I've read mention how Thailand is like a first world country in comparison. That could make it ridiculously interesting, if not somewhat terrifying.

For a more 'sane' suggestion though, what about Macau? I'm thinking purely that you could fit in a side trip to Hong Kong and buy some photographic goodies while you were at it ;)

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