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Sam 45

I guess you could say we are going on "tour"...

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...if you can call 3.5 dates a tour.

July 26th - Lemon Tree Lunchtime Show - Soundchecking at half ten in the morning does NOT sound fun to me, tis very likely i will sleep in for this whole gig.

July 28th - Drouthy Neebors with This July and Descartes.

July 29th - Drummonds with Komakino, Eddison and Katie Sutherland

July 30th - 13th Note with Komakino, Hyena and Katie Sutherland.

Good times!

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I think this "jaunt" (nice suggestion Ry, i like it) will now be known as the Broxden Roundabout Ostrich Tour. 3 days of fun. Dundee was really good, depsite only playing to about 20 folk, we made a right good time of it. And i smashed my glockenspiel in a rock and roll moment - if you can call smashing a glockenspiel rock and roll. Playing Abdn and Glas with Komakino was amazing, great band, great guys. They kept saying that they are getting us down to England to do dates with them, so hopefully even more good times lie ahead.


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