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Afro Droid

Fudge, answer me these questions three...

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1) Why do you never check your fucking myspace Waspo?

2) Do you want a Chop SUicide song for the next compilation?

3) What's the scoop with September 8th? RL still good to play?

I miss you Fudge, but you're still a thorn in my side....

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1) you slag. i'm on all the time. but i've been working/down in edinburgh rocking hard since friday. this is the first chance i've had to get online, so next time i see you, i'm going to cut you.

2) yes. but don't hold yer breath, etc :)

3) sat 8 september - radio lucifer + deadloss superstar + the fire and i ( www.myspace.com/thefireandi ) + v8 deth machine or the catnips, or bloodnut, or someone...

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