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Drew DigiTek

New Aberdeen Music Video

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We never go down well here at all lol but i thought i'd post this up anyway for you to have a look at.

Basically is friends of mine, called "The Emcees" some of the old Granite Emcees members plus couple new guys. The guys on this song are Chino, Shy and DRS.

Track was just done as a fun thing you know, nothing major nad its self shot so dont expect a masterpiece lol

Is the Link to the Music vid

Also got a Vid of Chino Recording a song with Big bap on the boards ! check it out to see the setup and gear i use. This was done out of bordum ! lol

is the link to that vid.

its hip hop, so you know i know its not posted here allot but check it out and let us know what you think good or bad yeah.


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Guest Tam o' Shantie

massive improvement on the other video both visually and musically, a bit 'thug lyfe' for my tastes though. beat could have been cut up a bit more, what was it sampled from? no scratching either :(

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That was great :)

Nice to hear a good Scottish accent on a slab of Hip hop rather a faux American accent.

I enjoyed the lyrics as well and could actually make out what they were saying too.

Production was pretty good too.

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