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Computer parts - dirt cheap


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LOFT CLEAROUT! Therefore, the following computer items are for "sale":

* 16 bit IDE card

* Orchid ProDesigner II VGA graphics card

* Creative SoundBlaster 16

* Socket 7 Pentium 1 motherboard. Think processor speed is 133Mhz.

* Bag of 72 pin SIMM chips varying from 1Mb to 4Mb per chip. There's about 10 of them in the bag.

They've not been used for about three years, but all worked perfectly at that point. They've been kept in static-safe plastic bags.

Could be handy for putting together a firewall machine for your home network, or keeping an old model ticking over nicely. Or maybe useful for an art project? Who knows...

Offers of chocolate bars, blank CDRs or loose copper coinage acceptible. I'm being serious. Make me an offer. :)

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Originally posted by Davey Boy:

but all those components are obsolete and completely useless.

Not really - you could have built a firewall machine with them or something low spec. Fine for a word processor for uni. I mean, I used to use the Pentium 1 for recording - so not completely useless!

But unfortunately, got to clear space... there's a CD thread too - take a peek...

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