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Towers Of London Gig , Now At The Tunnels

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is it not some band called sammy supporting? sure i read that somewhere.

The Vivians are the main support. I think you could be right mentioning another name though, as they're were 3 bands on the bill.

Noticed the Towers have recruited 2 of their "mates" to fill in for the rest of the tour. In all honesty, I would advise people to go just to see The Vivians!!

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I think that Donny bloke is a bit of a knobjocky but I have a ticket and I am going to give them the benfit of the doubt and see what they are like. I quite like the album so won't condemn a band until I have actually seen them. Funny I have been to a few gigs lately where loads of people have left after the main support, very strange as some of the headline acts were really good. I noticed that at the 3 Inches Of Blood gig and also at The Answer/Roadstar where on both occasions I though the headline band of the night in both cases put up a damn fine show.

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Towers of London were the support act in The Music Hall a while back and are currently headlining their own tour. They were great in Aberdeen again but Tunnels seemed a bit too small for them, I got raving drunk and pogoed , it felt like I was involved in a riot at the end, with drinks flying and sweaty bodies everywhere, the closest I've gotten to having such a great time at a gig is playing with 16 again.

Towers of London are the most exciting live band I've seen for years, I'd hardly say they " Dick on The Sex Pistols ", as Donnie so elequently put it after a shandy or two, but they at least hae a good spurt at them, cheers Biz.

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