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What the fuck has Bobby been upto?


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(I WAS in HMVthis afternoon, and Virgin and One-Up, pricing the Nick Drake 'Family Tree' set....One-Up won, being 3 quid cheaper. But I wasn't swearing, although I WAS listening to Max Miller on the i-pod).

That link of Rachie's is even more scary!!!!

I was going to say hi but thought it'd be funnier/creepier to do this. Turns out it was.

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It was originally mooted as a box set, but this is a single CD collection. Quite a few songs have been readily available on bootlegs before, but it's worth getting for the ones Nick recorded in Aix en Provence (there are 8 of these) ,and a couple recorded with Robert Kirby in Cambridge. There are also a couple by his mother...if you've seen the 'A Skin Too Few' film you'll have heard how similar her style was to Nick's.

(I think they're reissuing the Fruit Tree set in the not too distant future).

Back to the Bobster....is he still in Glasgow (and, more importantly...how do we steal him back???).

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its not Bobby. i'm his bro. he was a chubby child and thinned out as time went on. also he was a lot more ginger back then.

Im going to hit myself in the face repeatedly because stupidity affects me

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