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Andy Mulhern

The Nuns, Flaming Katy, Kashmir Red (acoustic) @ The Tunnels, Tues7August

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A sortof non-acoustic vocoustic! ?(


New band The Nuns from Manchester on their way north for Shetland gigs. Plus FK and KR. o_O

"A voice that could cut through wood at ten paces is the first thing that hits you with The Nuns. Then you start to get the clash and jangle of their guitars. Are they a heavy rock band, an indie band or a mix of the two? They serve up a few questions like this and are all the better for it. Quick paced with head banging potential and some pretty shifty riffs."






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rehearsing the silence inbetween the songs....! ?( ?(

Look forward to not hearing your work.

soundcheck is sounding tight as fuck in rehearsal. :up:

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Aye, a good night all round I would say. The Nuns were top quality. According to them it was below par in terms of energy as they were all knackered, would be interesting to see them really going for it!

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