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Vocalist and guitarist wanted!!


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Hi. We are a three piece looking to recruit another guitarist and a vocalist to complete our line-up. So far I think we're sounding good, lots of potential here. We play original material, my songs with loads to follow. Plan to start gigging in the next few months. :up:

It's difficult to pigeon-hole the type of sound Im going for but I take influence from bands such as:

Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Pixies, Sons and Daughters, Biffy Clyro, The Cure, early REM, We are Scientists, The Cribs, The Long Blondes, Trail of Dead, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys.

Guitarist: The kind of guitarist Im looking for doesnt just strum along chords, but that actually contributes to the songs, with licks and counterriffs.... like Jose Santiago (Pixies) or Russell from Bloc Party... if you also have your own creative ideas/songs; so much the better. :)

Vocalist: a confident individual, someone who can sing and is good a finding melodies.

I dont care if your male or female. Ideally though you should be around the same age as the rest of the band, so 18-27. oh, and no metalheads. just no!!

Sorry to sound a bit totaliterian or whatever, we're nice people really, just want only the right people to apply.

If you think you might fit the bill, then PM me! or you can email me on headradio8041@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks. Gary :)

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