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Roland TD-12 Electronic kit


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I finally got it!


The more I play it the more I love it.

Some of the sounds still leave a little to be desired, but there are some on there that are pretty fucking on the button. Especially the Tom sounds. I used to have a yamaha DTXPRESS II. compared to that this thing is the shiznaz. but for the extra 1200 you'd expect so.

I'd recommend this kit to anyone who needs to be able to practice quietly and has the casholas to get it. the response of the kit is amazing. the cymbals aren't perfect but then they are made of rubber! you can even choke them to mute the sound. though the response is a little slow.

haven't fully worked out all the esoteric little dials and buttons, but i'll get dug in to the manual tonight.

if you're planning on getting one to have in a 2nd floor room though i would avoid it. mine started in my loft room, then 2nd floor bedroom and tonight it will be moved down to the dining room. though it doesnt sound loud at all to play the thuds rip right through the house into the first floor. the neighbours can probably hear it too, though they haven't said anything.

I think they retail at around 2700 but i got mine down to 2300. its worth the haggling.

cheers ,

ZM :popcorn:

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not sure yet tbh!

its a beast of a kit, i've only scratched the surface!

will get back to you on that.

I know what you mean, just bought a new piece of kit myself and it seems like a bottomless pit of things that can be done with it. Need plenty of time to get to know it properly.

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Does it do samples?

Not sure - but its unlikely to have a sample import facility (If it does I want one too)

However it should be able to send midi messages, and if so, it can trigger samples on any remote sampler - thereby creating a wonder-kit of your choice*

Note: Any midi equipped Drum machine can speak to a sampler the same way

*prob much easier than using triggers on a conventional kit for example (nightmare unless you have a 6 hour soundcheck and drum techs)

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