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[GIG] Sam L4 Presents: Komakino + Level Four + Eddison + Katie Sutherland @ Cafe Drummonds

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Komakino - www.myspace.com/kkkinoxxx

Komakino are an un-signed indie band from Derby. How they are still un-signed is a mystery to me. They released their debut single Say Something Else with Drowned In Sound. This song, IMO, being one of the best songs of the current indie scene. The band have toured with the likes of Bloc Party, Editors, Cooper Temple Clause and Hope of The States. Their new material was recorded by Paul Draper (Mansun). Here are some nice things people have said about them:

  • Like Bloc Party, this is honest music to dance to, deserving of all the interest that comes its way of which there will certainly be plenty. BBC.CO.UK

  • Brit-rocks best new band NME

  • Like Interpols angry little brothers - KERRANG

  • "The missing link between The Cooper Temple Clause's balls-out spacerock and Idlewild's most fluent blasts of literate carnage" - Drowned In Sound

Level Four - www.myspace.com/levelfour

Level Four come from right here in Aberdeen and mix indie/rock/pop and punk. It's been a whole 7 months since their last home-town show and it looks like they won't be playing Aberdeen very much over the foreseeable future, so this a great chance to catch them. Over the last 7 months, Level Four have played gigs all around Scotland including the Doghouse in Dundee and Nice n Sleazies in Glasgow. They are currently working on some new material and will hopefully have some demos available before this date. Here is some nice things people have said about them:

  • "Level Four make that great indie pop rock that the UK market is missing right now." - Papawindy

  • "Lord of the Dance is the fastest of the three songs and is certainly the most catchy and fun. It has a much more 'punk' like feel to it, and wouldn't look out of place on exodus's playlist on a Saturday night. The first few chords sound BRMC like, but when the vocals kick in the song takes on its own identity. - Heaven or Las Vegas

  • For the rest of the set whipping guitar hooks and vocal melodies were the order of the day. Every song played with a high standard of musicianship, also with crushing tightness. - VB Records

Eddison - www.myspace.com/eddisonsound

On October 30th, Eddison released their debut album, Black Above the Trees, on Aberdeen's Fat Hippy Records, an ever-growing indie, which, after an eclectic start, is now concentrating upon a limited release of exciting Scottish newcomers. Black Above the Trees, as apocalyptic in nature as it is in name, is a slice of electro-rock as rich and diverse in melody and innovation as it is in lyrical themes. It is in turns both pessimistically retrospective and defiantly optimistic, revealing chief songwriter Adam Keenan to be an amusing, if sometimes frustrating contradiction, lamenting about the superficialities of modernity, but willingly participating in the pleasures they bring. Thematically, the album certainly is diverse, focussing upon issues such as history and the seduction of nostalgia; upon the role of the unconscious; and perhaps mostly upon the impossible-to-negotiate differences between the two sexes. Eddison are quite sure they are the first band in the history of music to focus upon the latter.

Katie Sutherland - www.myspace.com/katiesud

For those of you not yet familiar with Katie Sutherland, you certianly will be over the next few months. One of the most outstanding voices i have heard live. Her main influences come from Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, Regina Spektor and KT Tunstall. All of which evidently show in her music. Her current demo is attracting interest big interest from labels all over the UK and she is currently down in London working with some of the UKs finest song-writers. Aside from this, she has been perfecting her live performance by playing every single place Glasgow has to offer. Some nice things people have said about her:

  • "She may be young and, as such, still have a lot of dues paying to do, but she's found her voice. What might appear to be quirky, charming affectations actually flow naturally from her and may well be the thing to separate her from the many other female singer songwriters out there.
    That and a deft knack for good tunes like Because I Do or Lower Ground." - Edinburgh Evening News (Supporting Emma Pollock at Cab Vol)

Anyway, 4 pounds for these fine acts is a bargain (if i do say so myself). Posters/flyers and running order ect will be up soon.


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i am so fucking gutted that i`m going to miss this!!!!!!! i am playing my first glasgow gig that night!!! i really wanted to see level 4 again. and i think katie is amazing hopefully some one else will book her in aberdeen soon!!!!!

Well, you should either.

A) Cancel your Glasgow show and come anyway OR

B) Stay in Glasgow the night of the gig and come see us and Katie at 13th Note on the 30th.

Both are good ideas :p.

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