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Alela Diane + Simone White + The Kitchen Cynics @ The Tunnels Room 2, 8th August

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interesting music promotions present:


Wednesday 8th August

The Tunnels Room 2, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm Entry 5




Portland, Oregon singer songwriter Alela Diane hails from the deep woods and winding rivers of Northern California Gold Rush town Nevada City. Alela grew up singing songs with her parents (both musicians) and performing in the school choir and, during a stay in San Francisco in 2003, she began teaching herself guitar and writing her first songs, blending tense, trance-like arpeggios, with warm, thick vocals and meditative lyrics about family and nature. Her debut album The Pirates Gospel is a powerful document of personal re-evaluation and renewal set against the backdrop of generations past and future, mothers and fathers, life, death, and birth.

Alela Diane's dread-filled song The Rifle finds a powerful metaphor for feminine sexuality in a story of home invasion, effectively rewriting Neil Young's Powderfinger from the daughter's perspective. Over a precisely plucked guitar that sounds both solemn and skittish, her grave intonations and the ominous backing vocals imply violence occurring just beyond her words." [Pitchfork]

Accompanied mostly by her acoustic guitar, Alela Diane sings stark, ghostly folk. Shes already flaunting a large, lived-in growl flavoured by antediluvian blues and jazz inflections." [spin]





Born in Hawaii, grew up in California, played guitar in Seattle, photographed bands in London, learned to fingerpick in New York, followed her heart back out west. Straight outta Venice, LASimone White delicately lays her beautiful voice over rich layers of swirling rhythm and crafty guitar patterns.

Her debut album I am the man (Honest Jons / EMI) is quietly drawing comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Isobel Campbell and Cat Power - deep with emotion, rich with integrity and bubbles with bittersweet excitement that will soothe the soul and relax the nerves.

"For those bewitched by the posthumous small-hours voice of Karen Dalton, here is a living echo of that still, small, intensely concentrated spirit - an intimate prettiness concealing within the rosebud the thorns of subtly articulated political protest and the warped, eerie gaze on human weakness that has been The Velvet Underground's legacy to the modern folk idiom." [Mojo]





Local 'outsider folk' songwriter, the Kitchen Cynics fades gracelessly towards old age, but looks back happily on the few high points of his belated career...being played on the John Peel show, doing three radio sessions for New York's WFMU, and playing live with Tom Rapp of Pearl's Before Swine. See him soon, before his batteries go totally flat.



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I noticed Simone White got a whole page to herself in Mojo this month.

The Mojo article includes this quote at the bottom

Alela Diane has made your album of the year, you just haven't heard it yet

The Guardian

Hawaii born Simone White is a singer/songwriter whose predilection for mournful country-tinged Americana suggests reference points like Cat Power, or even Karen Dalton.

I Am The Man, Whites second LP, was recorded with Mark Nevers (Will Oldham, Lambchop, Calexico, Lou Barlow, Tindersticks).

I Am The Man is a summer soundtrack of charm and beguiling depths Mojo

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