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Cerebral Inferno Require vocalist


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like en...we need a vocalist...

we're a band that have been jamming to covers and a couple of our own songs for the past 6 months so we're a tight band...we play mainly metal/rock but we dabble with a lot of styles so musical taste isn't really an issue as long as you're dedicated...we're all up for writing music but none of us are any good at lyrics....so if you can write lyrics that would be awesome..! we're aged from 18 to 22 and have our own rent free, smoking and drinking allowed rehearsal room with a vocal P.A...

listen to rough tracks on our page Cerebral Inferno <cerebralinferno>

so give me a shout either msn/e-mail my_monkeys_spanked@hotmail.com or give me a shout 07949730505...or leave a post here...no time wasters please...



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